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6 Benefits of Crypto-Secured Loans
Four out of ten car shoppers are having to pay higher interest rates to secure an auto loan. With the average car payment for new vehicles topping $700 per month and used vehicles over $500 per month, many car buyers are being driven to seek alternatives to traditional financing options. Fortunately, there is another option for auto loans that is quickly gaining ground: crypto-collateralized loans. Read our latest blog to learn more.
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The Good News About Crypto
The headlines about the crypto market are filled with what we in the industry like to call FUD: fear, uncertainty and doubt. But if you look behind the headlines, there is actually a lot of good news about crypto. Read our latest blog post to discover the good news about crypto!
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Couple purchasing car with crypto
3 Ways to Buy Vehicles with Crypto
Dealerships that set themselves up to accept cryptocurrency will benefit from being able to accommodate customers who want to use their crypto to pay for, or finance, their vehicles. This blog post covers the most common ways that customers use crypto to buy cars.
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