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Crypto Purchases at Point of Sale

Enable your customers to use crypto to make purchases at the point of sale.  With crypto-linked debit cards, consumers can make card transactions that draw directly from their crypto account. Cion’s crypto-linked debit cards are accepted anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Expand Your Brand

Expand your brand’s reach and drive transaction volume with branded crypto debit cards from Cion. Customers of crypto card programs are 7x more loyal than traditional card programs and spend, on average, more money per swipe.

Learn more about how branded crypto-linked debit cards can help you maximize your revenue potential.

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Crypto-Linked Cards

Like a traditional debit card, crypto-linked cards draw directly from the customer’s crypto account and enable crypto owners to make purchases online or at the point of sale, anywhere Visa is accepted.

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Crypto-Secured Cards

Crypto-secured debit cards draw from a crypto-secured line of credit instead of a crypto account. Crypto-secured cards enable consumers to purchase against their crypto holdings without liquidating their crypto investment.

Learn more about how you can leverage Cion to enable your customers to borrower against their crypto and spend the proceeds with a debit card.

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