Bridging the Gap Between Wealth and Retail Banking

Cion Digital curates high-value relationships for
banks and credit unions via the wealth channel

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Loan Volume

Accept loans from our
network of wealth


Curate quality relationships with high net worth borrowers


Acquire loan leads
from low risk wealth

Delight Your

Deliver a faster, easier
integrated lending

Instant Loan Offers

Cion Digital curates high-value, low risk relationships for participating lenders by automatically generating relevant loan offers for borrowers via the wealth channel based on their needs, financial situation and anticipated use of funds, as well as the lender’s minimum credit requirements.

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Delivering High-Value Relationships

Cion Digital curates quality relationships for lenders by matching the borrower to the lender based on the lender’s credit parameters.  Lenders have complete control over loan offers and pricing parameters promoted to advisors in their clients in the Cion Digital platform. Lenders simply define their minimum credit, borrower and collateral requirements and Cion Digital matches the lender to the right borrower.

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Integrated Wealth and Banking

Cion Digital integrates seamlessly with leading wealth tech platforms, providing an embedded borrowing experience

Cion Digital automatically generates relevant, curated loan offers from participating lenders based on the borrower’s needs, financial situation and anticipated use of funds, as well as the lenders minimum credit requirements

Cion Digital integrates seamlessly with loan origination platforms, enabling instant submission of application data

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Seamless Submission

Imagine receiving a complete loan application package with every submission? In addition to curating high-value, low risk loan opportunities for lenders, Cion Digital also eliminates needless thrash during the application and underwriting process by delivering a complete application package, including relevant borrower and collateral data, as well as required documentation.

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Supported Loan and Asset Types

Cion Digital’s Advisor Lending platform supports all types of loans including loans secured by investments and securities, as well as consumer loans, small business loans and commercial loans.

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