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Cion Digital Defi as a Service


Looking for a faster, less risky way to offer crypto-secured loans to your customers? Using our lender marketplace, you can offer crypto loans to your customers, financed by leading DeFi and CeFi lenders.
Cion Digital Traditional Lending

Traditional Lending

Whether you're looking to offer crypto-secured loans, or just looking to include crypto to your underwriting process, Cion Digital offers a variety of crypto lending solutions for balance sheet lenders.
Cion Digital Risk Management

Risk Management

1 in 5 borrowers today owns crypto. If you aren’t including crypto in your underwriting processes, you're only seeing part of the picture. We can give you visibility into this rapidly growing asset.
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Cion Digital crypto loans on mobile phone

Crypto Lending

Whether you are thinking about offering crypto- secured loans from your balance sheet or looking to partner with a crypto lender to fund crypto loans for your customers, Cion Digital has a solution.
Learn more about crypto-secured lending and how Cion Digital maximizes loan production while minimizing risk.

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Crypto Verification

Get a complete picture of your borrower’s finances with Crypto Verification from Cion Digital. We provide the value of a borrower’s crypto holdings, their historical performance, and more.
Maybe you aren’t ready to take the leap into crypto- secured lending; but you need to start the journey somewhere.

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Cion Digital crypto verification on mobile phone
Cion Digital embedded lending plugin on tablet

Crypto Embedded Lending Plug-in

Enable your customers to leverage their crypto assets to finance purchases with our point-of-sale payment plug-in. Our plug-in is easy to deploy, scales with your business, and includes an all-in-one embedded crypto financing workflow.

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Embedded Crypto Lending - How it Works

Our Crypto Lending infrastructure enables businesses of all kinds to offer crypto-secured loans and credit financing funded by our network of leading DeFi and CeFi lenders. Our Embedded Crypto Lending solution is easy to set up, integrates seamlessly with existing apps or checkout workflows and minimizes risk.

crypto embed step 1
Borrower indicates the
loan amount required
crypto embed step 2
Loan offers are curated
from leading crypto lenders
crpto embed step 3
Borrower selects the
preferred loan offer
crypto embed step 4
Lender processes and
funds the loan

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