Cion Digital aims to bridge the gap between legacy tech and crypto

December 7, 2021

Snehal Fulzele is an experienced hand at seeing a market inefficiency and addressing it with technology.

What he did for solving lender-niche bias at Cloud Lending Solution, he is now doing to bridge the gap between legacy institutional infrastructure and the world of cryptocurrency at Cion Digital.

Debuting at this year’s Money2020, Cion Digital helps entities looking to expand into the digital asset ecosystem to be fully ‘crypto ready.’

Those groups can deploy new compliant payments, finance, and lending systems that bridge the gap between TradFi and DeFi.

The Cion Digital Blockchain Orchestration Platform accelerates integration, provides optionality, prevents technical debt from the onset, and removes friction from creating blockchain-based innovative real-time payment and financing.

It facilitates real-time money movement using blockchain technology while offering ready-to-use solutions and rapid integration to leading crypto exchanges, DeFi protocols, and aggregator services.

“We wanted to create a simpler way for institutions to quickly and seamlessly connect with the complex and ever-changing world of decentralized finance,” Fulzele, who serves as Cion Digital’s CEO, said.

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