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Future-proof your Revenue Strategy

Quickly access untapped buyers by accepting crypto as payment or collateral

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Crypto Payments and Financing

The crypto adoption curve is faster than anything we’ve seen in human history... faster than personal computers, the internet and mobile phones. Accepting crypto is a proven way to kickstart revenue growth, as well as accelerate customer acquisition and retention. So regardless of what you may think about crypto, the fact is you cannot ignore it any longer.

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Crypto Financing

Enable your customers to finance their purchases at the point of sale, using their crypto holdings to secure the loan, through our network of leading crypto lenders.

Learn how Cion can help you offer crypto financing to your customers without increasing risk or impacting your business.

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How Crypto Financing Works

Let our network of leading crypto lenders take on the risk while you reap the rewards. Using our embedded crypto lending plug-in, we enable retailers to offer crypto financing alongside existing traditional payment options, curate financing offers from our network of crypto lenders and facilitate the end-to-end loan application, collateral assignment, disbursement and settlement process.

1: Buyer selects vehicle to purchase. 2: Buyer selects crypto financing. #: Cion curates financing options. 4: Buyer selects preferred option. 5: Cion locks crypto collateral. 6: Dealer finalozes transactions
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Crypto Payments

90% of retailers who accept crypto payments attract new customers and increase revenue. Nearly a quarter of all buyers own crypto today and that number is expected to grow to a third in the next three years.

The question isn’t if you should accept crypto payments, it’s when. Learn how Cion can help you get up-and-running in minutes.

Embed Crypto Payment Plug-in

Cion Digital crypto payment plugin on tablet

For a seamless, embedded crypt payment experience, drop our embedded crypto payment plug-in component into your point-of-sale app and personalize the branding and look and feel using CSS or our declarative configuration tool.

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For a Faster Option

Facilitate crypto payments quickly and easily using our Payment solution. Setup takes minutes. Enroll today and start accepting crypto immediately without the hassle of integrating to your point of sale platform.

Learn how easy launching crypto payments can be.

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