Explore Cion Digital's Wealth Advisor Lending Platform
Cion helps wealth advisors expand and deepen client relationships by facilitating access to loans and financing through our network of lenders
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Engage Your Clients
Determine your clients' needs and right-fit them to the loan products that best meet their needs and financial objectives
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Curate Offers
Generate relevant loan offers from a network of lenders and financial institutions that meet your clients' needs, preferences and financial situation
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Onboard Instantly
Enable your clients to select their preferred loan offer and instantly submit relevant application information for immediate processing and decisioning
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Delight Your Customers
Create customers-for-life by providing financing and tax free liquidity where and when your clients need it
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Increase Productivity

Reduce time spent shopping your clients to lenders

Improve Efficiency

Use technology to automate loan offers and submission

Expand Your Reach

Automatically solicit offers from our network of lenders

Drive More Value

Offer new value-added
products and services to your clients

Expand Your Cash Liquidity Options

As an advisor, when your clients require access to cash, to finance a dependent’s college tuition, purchase real estate or for personal liquidity, why limit yourself to costly asset liquidation or inflexible annuity options? Cion Digital’s Advisor Lending platform enables wealth advisors to automatically curate relevant loan offers from our network of lenders based on the client’s needs, financial situation and anticipated use of funds.

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Instant Loan Offers

If you’re an advisor who already offers loan solutions to your clients, you likely spend hours, if not days, manually “shopping” your clients to multiple lenders and collating resulting offers. Cion eliminates the manual work associated with curating loan offers for your clients by automatically generating relevant
offers from our network of lenders in seconds, based on the borrower’s needs, financial situation and anticipated use of funds.

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Supported Loan & Asset Types

Cion Digital’s Advisor Lending platform supports all types of loans including loans secured by investments and securities, as well as consumer loans, small business loans and commercial loans.

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Seamless Submission

As an advisor, how much time do you spend shopping your clients to lenders, collating resulting offers and facilitating application submission and documentation? Cion Digital automates loan offer generation and application submission, saving advisors hours and revolutionizing the borrower’s experience.

Learn more about how Cion Digital automates loan application submission.

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